Karpathos From Diafiani to Steno

Karpathos - From Diafiani to Steno Karpathos - From Diafiani to Steno

This is an inaccessible paradise meant only for a lucky few. You can think of it as a ritual; as a small initiation into the secrets of the Karpathian Sea. Besides, you will need to have the wind and the sea on your side in order to get to this place.

Setting out from the port of Diafani in the north (that serves as the seaport of Olympos) we pass by Vananta and the secret beaches of Mesa Kalamia and Exo Kalamia. We are headed north staying close to the shore. After a while the imposing rock formations called Handaki appear before us. As we approach the strait between Karpathos and Saria we come across a tremendous cave gaping over the sea at the Halavri area. The cave’s name is Alona and the waters there are magnificent.

The first small but rather unique beach of the Saria islet is called Mageiria. Those who know how to use a speargun will find it hard…to leave this place! As we continue further north we come across an arch created by the waves, on the rocks of the islet that the locals jokingly call… “Marigo’s hole”! The mood changes as we enter the cove of “Palatia”. The rock formations, the small beach, the color of the waters and high up on the hill a small white dot that is the chapel of Agios Zaharias command us to make a stop.

You will find it hard to leave Palatia to continue your journey through time. At the northeast end of Saria just before the Paraspori cape and its lighthouse you’ll find the cove of Alimunta, a safe cove for fishermen. A big rock that can keep one or two fishing boats hidden behind it cuts the beach in half. Many people come here from Palatia on foot.

As you move on towards the eastern part of Saria the landscape changes. High rocks and sea caves make this area ideal for spearfishing but also protect it, creating a habitat for birds. Heading south now, the first thing you will get to see is a big cave called Vothros. Afterwards, you will reach a beach that was named after the Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas located on the rocks right next to it. The festivities in honor of the patron saint of the monastery are a must-see.

Entering the strait between Karpathos and Saria you will first discover the lonely Halavronta beach and then the Molohina beach. At the Yaplus cove you will come across a newly built house, some beehives and the chapel of Agios Spyridonas. This saint together with Agia Katerina, whose chapel is situated at the opposite side of the strait on Karpathos (at the spot where a temple of Poseidon probably stood) bless the narrow 200-meter strait. If you pass Steno from the east you’ll get to reach the magical locations of Tristomo and Vroukounta.

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