Karpathos Kyra Panagia

This is the beach where tourists take the most pictures. It is a sandy beach with emerald and cyan waters and the church of Virgin Mary (Panagia) standing next to it. There are some rooms to let and tavernas. A small boat from Pigadia makes a stop here. According to a legend, Kriezis (a captain of the Greek Navy during the Greek War of Independence and later Prime Minister of Greece) was passing Karpathos, after the holocaust of Kassos in 1824, and docked in the bay of Kyra Panagia. A wedding was taking place at the church and the bride and groom invited him and his crew and asked him to be their best man. After the wedding the bride took off her “colena” (two lines of gold coins) and all her jewelry and gave them to Kriezis, along with all the money that was gathered for the newlyweds, to help fund the War of Independence.

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