Karpathos Lefkos

Karpathos - Lefkos

Lefkos is one of the resorts of the central part of the island that are favored by tourists. However, if someone were to start digging, there would be no end to what they would discover hidden underground!

Let’s start our journey from the church of Agios Nikolaos, located on the road of the settlement that leads to Mesohori. This part of Lefkos is not visible from the sea. Its architectural style is rare and externally the church has five domes. The temple has two apses and two layers of murals, the older of which dates back to around 1300AD.

Heading downhill to the beach we come across the crimson sign of the Archaeological Service showing us the way towards the underground roman cistern, consisting of a main hall filled with columns and many arcades that arouse one’s curiosity. This area is called “(a)Ria” by the locals and all around the cistern the fields are scattered with jars. As we move further down to the sea we look for the location of Pelekito. The ancient quarry is still visible today along with the foundations of a house and many shingles cut in half forming some sort of garnish on the flat ground. Right beneath them, though, many stables (stone buildings used by people and animals) are hidden inside an enormous cave that the locals call “Kamara”, all of them forming an amazing and invisible city of cavemen. There is no way to know exactly how many generations of people have found shelter here.

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