Karpathos Menetes

Looking at the village from afar you get the sense that it is stuck on the arid slope of Profitis Ilias, under enormous rocks, like an eagle’s nest. It is the only village of the island that is visible from the Rhodes Sea. Some of the best instrumentalists of the Dodecanese were born here. The holy rock with the church of the Assumption of Mary on top stands out. It was built in 1845 at the same spot where three other temples had been built. It features the miraculous icon of Panagia Vrefokratousa and some columns from the Agia Anastasia church of the Arkasa village. Everyone has a different story to tell about the holy rock and Holy Mary. However, all of them are about people that fell off the rock and were saved. The church’s arches that are covered with roof tiles can be seen from afar and the view from its big courtyard is splendid. The small church of Jesus Christ, which is over 500 years old, and the small byzantine temple of Agios Antonios are two of the things that are worth seeing in this village. Info You can also visit the website of the Menetes Residents Association www.menetes.org

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