Karpathos Mesohori

This is one of the villages that are usually disregarded because few things are known about them. In Mesohori, which was founded during the Byzantine era by residents of the village of Lefkos, you will climb uphill and downhill many times. The only place you will come across any vehicles is the parking lot, as there are no streets for cars in the village. You will understand that you are standing on the southern border of the settlement when you reach the church of Jesus Christ and on the northern one when you arrive at the church of Panagia Vrysiani. Neighborhoods like Atrapiri, Badias, Potamos, Sikini and Christothei are filled with white houses, many of which are examples of traditional Karpathian architecture waiting with their doors wide open for you to gaze upon. This village also has a nice surprise in store for you: one of the biggest and most beautiful squares of the Dodecanese, the Skopi Square.

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