Karpathos Othos

This village is located higher than any other on the island. At an altitude of 510m, Othos, sometimes, gets lost in the clouds! If you come to Othos, you must visit the wood carving studio of the Lyra player Giorgos Kostetsos. He makes the famous Lyra of Karpathos and other elaborate objects amid the chips and his exhibits. Giannis Hapsis, a Lyra player and mantinada teller was a significant person of the island that may not exist anymore, but the pictures he painted during the last years of his life are priceless works of art that are definitely worth checking out. Ιnfo The folk museum of the settlement features a fully equipped traditional Karpathian house as well as a kitchen with its utensils and a fireplace. Opening hours: every day, 10.00-13.00. For further info please call: +30 22450 31460.

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