Karpathos Palaiokastro of Arkasa

Arkesia was one of the four Doric cities of Karpathos. It only takes a 10-15 minute walk from Agia Sophia to reach it. The trail that is carved on the rocks may seem uphill to you but it is short and apart from the unique feeling you will experience walking through the ancient city, you will also find the view to be most rewarding. In Palaiokastro or Paliokastro, as it is also called, centuries of Karpathian history come together in a unique manner. Piles of stones from medieval buildings are accumulated over the enormous Mycenaean walls, capitals and columns are repurposed to create lodgings, ancient cisterns stand gaping with the hidden sea watchtowers right next to them. Ancient Arkesia is always open to visitors and has always something important to offer to anyone who chooses to visit it.

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