Karpathos The sacred Vroukounta

This is the most sacred spot of the island where its energy is at its peak. It is hard to grasp the magnitude of the ruins of the ancient city when entering its reef-filled cove by boat. The ancient Vrykous city of the Dorians may have reached its peak during the 4th and the 3rd centuriy BC, but this place seems to have been inhabited since the Minoan – Mycenaean era. The ancient city has been completely looted. Its carved tombs stand wide open with no grave goods left in them. The residents Christianized the place during the next centuries (according to reports of the Archaeological Service three basilicas were built during the 5th and 6th century) and used ancient materials to honor Ai-Giannis of Vroukounta at the edge of the cape inside a hidden cave. Walking down the stone steps of the cave the visitor-pilgrim comes across the inner sanctuary of this rudimentary church. The biggest and most important Karpathian festival takes place here from August 28 to 29 and the residents of Olympos, Avlona and Diafani have front row seats.

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