Kasos Archaeological findings

The cave Ellinokamara, is a 15 minute walk through a path, southwest from Agia Marina. There lies a small valley, called Paradeisi, with olive trees and farmlands that reach the sea. The cave was used as a shelter for the locals during the period of the pirate invasions. Its entrance – 30m wide, 10m high – has been closed since antiquity, with an isodomic wall that leads to two openings. Pottery of different eras, including the Mycenaean Era, have been found there. It looks like it was a place of worship from the Mycenaean years till the Hellenistic Era. Right across you will see the small island Armathia surrounded by a complex of smaller islets.

After the airport, at the chapel of Agios Georgios of Vrisi, you will find the region Vrisi. Carvings on the rocks verify the existence of an ancient sanctuary.

At northwest Kasos and on the bay Chelatros traces of four Minoan settlements have been found. When their inhabitants moved to the fertile north part of the island, a Mycenaean settlement was created in the area where Poli stands today. Traces of an acropolis and a number of ancient tombs have also been found.

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