Kasos Architecture

Since the craftsmen that built Kasos were almost entirely from Karpathos, the traditional architecture of the island is almost identical to that of Karpathos. Here, we can see the single-roomed houses and the so-called “chochlaki”, the black and white pebbled constructions in the small gardens. Some of the basic characteristics are the “soufas”, a large sofa bed where the entire family used to sleep, and the demonstration of the collections with the elaborately decorated plates located at wooden selves on the walls. Unlike other islands of the Dodecanese complex, where the Italian dominion left distinct marks, in Kasos the Italian architecture can be seen only in the Governor’s building, where all public services are housed today.

In many mountainous areas of Kasos you will find the “mitata” from Crete, the self-made dry stone buildings that were used as temporary shelters for the shepherds.

The traditional house called “Spiti tis Mpourekas” near the temple of Agia Marina, the “Konaki” in Fri and the houses of the families Papadaki, Pelagias and Fonari in Arvanitochori are very interesting sites.

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