Kasos Festivals and Costums

In Kasos a feast can begin just like that. While eating in a seaside tavern, a genuine, traditional, lively feast can begin out of the blue, with lyres, laoutos, impromptu mantinades, traditional tunes and dances like sousta, zervo that pop up just like that, without any planning. Jokes and treats come and go until the break of dawn, and here, along with “stin ygeia mas” – cheers-, you will also listen the famous Kasian saying “na s’evro”.


Agios Georgios – Chadies – April 23

Agios Konstantinos – Ammoua – May 21

Agia Triada – Poli – moveable celebration

Agia Marina – Agia Marina – July 17

Christou tis Lakkas – Agia Marina – August 6

Pera Panagias – Panagia –August 15

Agios Fanourios – Chathistres –August 27

Agios Mamas – Lyristis/Thyra –September 1 and 2

Panagia Elerou – on the mountains – September 7

Timios Stavros – Agia Marina – September 14

Agios Dimitrios – Arvanitochori – Octoberv26

Agios Spyridonas (patron saint) – Fri – December 12

June 5 to 7 celebrations dedicated to the Holocaust of Kasos in 1824 are held on the island.

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