Kasos Flora and Fauna

The island constitutes a shelter for the salamander Mertensiella luschani helverseni, also known as “kochylina” to the locals, which lives only at the complex of Karpathos and Kasos, in Kastellorizo and in the Southwest Minor Asia. According to the Red Book of Threatened Vertebrates of Greece, it is included in the rare species. The south coast of the island constitutes a shelter for the Mediterranean Seal Monachus monachus. The flora of the island is characterized by garrigue and xyrophytes like Sarcopoterium spinosum, Coridothymus capitatus and Genista acanthothamnos, while the native species called Silene holzmanii flourishes and is protected by the Berne Convention and the Greek Law. At the southwest part of Kasos you will find a small area covered with junipers from the species Juniperus phoenicea. Generally, Kasos faces the significant problem of excessive grazing.

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