Kea-Tzia Paths

Kea-Tzia - Paths Kea-Tzia - Paths

It is worth discovering Kea by walking in its signposted paths, 65% of which are pebbled. There are 8 suggested routes, of 36km total length. They constitute a section of the network that used to connect the ancient town-states, but they were used for centuries serving the demands for communication and transport. The tour is magnificent, as the walkers pass through oak forests, they meet stone-built water fountains and country chapels leading to small bays or beaches.

The routes are:

Route 1: «Lion»
Ioulis – Lion – Dosonari – Kokkinous – Diaselli – Otzias. The route combines the natural landscape with a tour to the island’s history.

Route 2: «Elixos»
Ioulis – Roukounas – Komi – Agios Konstantinos – Mylopotamos -Flea – [Korissia].

Route 3: «Aristaios»
Ioulis – Messaria – Profitis Ilias – Astra – Ellinika – Agios Symeon – Karthaia. It is the longest route of the network, moving towards the heart of Kea’s inland. It largely corresponds to the ancient road of Ioulis-Karthaia.

Route 4: «Oak»
Monastery of Episkopi – Sotiras – Parameria – Tria Maderika – Sykamia. A route through the northeastern section of the island passing through sections of Kea’s oak forest.

Route 5:
Katomeria – Agios Georgios – Pigi Kalodouka – [Pigi Vathypotamou] – Karthaia. It connects Katomeria with the wider archaeological site of Karthaia. At its biggest part it is pebbled.

Route 6:
Stavroudaki- Pigi Vathypotamou – Karthaia

A route that holds a great alternation of landscapes from the dense vegetation of Vathypotamos to the clear light blue waters of the sea and mainly the possibility of exploration in the archaeological site of Karthaia.

Route 7:
Chavouna – Agios Taxiarchis – Pigadakia-Kaliskia – Karthaia

Its length is 1.700m.

Route 8: «Sirius»
Ellinika – Houhli – Vrysses – Agios Filippos – Agios Symeon. This route has two alternative possibilities of descent: from the settlement Ellinika or from the one of Agios Symeon, with common destinations those of Vrysses and Agios Filippos. The network is pebbled at its biggest part.

Route 9: «Artemis»
Ioulis – Mills -[Stavros]- Tholos – Kalogerados – Amarathia – Ellinika – Agios Panteleimon – Panagia Loutriani.

Route 10: Vryssi Veniamin – Agios Dimitrios- Spathi.

A route through dense vegetation with scattered farmsteads and country chapels and it leads to the long beach of Spathi.

Route 11: «Orkos»

Profitis Ilias – Laoudi – Kambouri – Orkos and Velado – Grikou – Pigi Gerantoni – Panagia tou Grikou. The route begins from Profitis Ilias and leads to the bay of Orkos. You can begin from Ioulis as well.
Route 12:«Poiiessa»

Sklavonikolas-Panachra-Agia Marina-Beach of Pisses and-Katomeria – Pigi Hionatou – Pisses – Beach of Pisses

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