Kea-Tzia The lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos

It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece. It is located on the bay of the port in Vourkari and it took its name after the chapel of Agios Nikolaos that lights up next to it. It was built in 1831 by the French Company of Lighthouses and it is 8 m high. It is worth noting that with the No. 55258/1223/2.9.2010 decision of the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos, the Lighthouse of Agios Nikolaos in Kea “Was characterised as a monument, according to the provisions of Article 6 par. 1b of Law 3028/2002, because it constitutes a particularly remarkable architectural construction and a representative sample of a special category of buildings, i.e. lighthouses, and it has contributed to the development and safety of the navigation in the area, it is connected to the naval tradition of Greece and it is a reference point for sailors, as well as for the residents of the island”. The lighthouse is built on the ruins of the temple of Poseidon.

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