Kea-Tzia The watermills of Mylopotamos

Kea-Tzia - The watermills of Mylopotamos

On the way from the port to Ioulis, you will pass by the area of Mylopotamos. It is worth making a detour to visit one of the most important sites of the island: the old watermills. They have exquisite architecture, they fit perfectly to the surrounding environment and they were painted in different colors –indigo, ochre, pink, red, white.

They were fueled by the spring of Flea which is the richest one in Tzia. They are 11 (tradition mentions 13) and they have been built on the eastern bank of the torrent, at different altitudes. The water supply in each orchard followed specific rules and since the water was limited and precious, each owner had the right to use it for a few hours every day.

Along with the windmills, the watermills grinded grains for the residents of the entire island and the nearby villages were supplied with flour and animal feed. We are not aware of their construction date; however, they must have existed during the Turkish rule. They operated until World War II, but they ceased their works gradually during the ‘80s.


Alongside the flow of Mylopotamos, you can see the pebbled path Ioulis-Korissia, which is engraved on the traces of the ancient road.

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