Kimolos Horio – Palaiokastro – Agioklima (3.5 hours)

You start from the ring road of Horio and you head towards the mountain Sklavos and the chapel of Agios Efstathios. Before you get there, you turn left and first you walk along a dirt road on the right of which there is the old alley. In 25 minutes you will find a path on the left leading to the chapel of Exo Ai Lias (10 minutes) with wonderful views of Horio and Milos. Keep on the dirt road having a continuous view of Sklavos. You will get in the alley in 15 minutes from the junction to Exo Ai Lias (you will see it on your left) and you will start walking among olive trees, at the foot of Sklavos. 15 more minutes of walk and you will find a junction where you will go right towards Palaiokastro (on your left it is the path towards the Manitari, the characteristic natural monument of Kimolos). In another 40 minutes the climbing is over and from here you can continue descending towards the beaches Kastro and Agioklima. On your right the peak of Palaiokastro rises (364 m), the highest one of the island where there was allegedly an ancient city. Ruins of houses and walls are still preserved.

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