Kimolos Skiadi – Mavrospilia

From the junction of the paths for Skiadi and Palaiokastro you walk leftwards this time to Manitari or Skiadi. In 10 minutes you meet a new junction in which you will turn left again. After 20 minutes of easy route you will get to the stone Manitari. You return to the junction and walk for 10 minutes until you find another one: On your left it takes you to Mavrospilia but you will move rightwards to Vroulidia turning right again at the next junction. Descend the steep slope and in 40 minutes you reach the end and you walk through the ravine that leads to the beach. From Vroulidia beach, walking on the rocks on your right (looking towards the sea) in 10 minutes you can go to the beach Therma. You return to the junction towards Mavrospilia and you walk to your right this time. In 10 minutes you will intersect a path on your right which leads to Monoxylia and the sea area of Patelida. You continue straight overlooking the sea and the dry walls and a bit later the first rocks with the strange shapes appear around you and so does the bay Mavrospilia in the background. The last kilometers are rather difficult, but the spectacular view will compensate you. In 1 hour from the intersection to Monoxylia you will reach the river and you will arrive at the beach Mavrospilia. Info There are other paths you can enjoy in Kimolos as well: Horio-Xaplovouni-Agios Nikolaos-Karras-Goupa (easy 2-hour route), Horio-Monastiria-Soufi (2 hours), Horio-Ellinika (2.5 hours).

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