Kimolos The ancient town – Ellinika

Kimolos - The ancient town - Ellinika

In the antiquity Kimolos had two ports. The ancient, sunken town was located southeast of the island in the area which is now called Ellinika. The islet of Daskalio or Agios Andreas (the acropolis of the ancient town) and the numerous tombs in the wider area are visible remains of the ancient town.

The sunken town and the necropolis at Ellinika have brought a number of Mycenaean, Geometrical, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic findings into light. It seems that the Kimolians had been residing in this town at least up to the early Christian years.

At the peak of Paliokastro hill there are ruins of a castle and a tower of unspecified age (most probably from the Mycenaean era).

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