Kimolos To Monastiria

NOTE: There is an asphalt road from Fykiada to Agios Minas, whereas the rest of the road network is dirt roads, some of which well accessible and others suitable only for 4X4.


At Monastiria. Attention: Ask a person of the municipality about the possibility of full access.

You have two options to go to Monastiria. You can either start from the southern exit of Chorio towards Agios Minas and Prassa or from the northern exit of Chorio towards Lebounia and “Skiadi”. Bear in mind that the two options form a circular route which starts and ends in Chorio.

If you start from the southern exit, pass by the chapel of Agios Minas where a dirt road shortly begins on your left and turn in the cement-paved road. Pass by the landfill and continue again on a dirt road. Continue as the road takes you until you reach a junction with three other roads. The left one goes back to Chorio, the middle one leads to Chimeli and the right one takes you to Monastiria.

On the way back, when you reach the previous junction, you better follow the dirt road that will lead you to the northern exit of Chorio.

Keep in mind: You will follow the same circular route, if you want to visit “Skiadi” or Paliokastro. In this case, if you go by car, you can leave the car among Profitis Ilias of Exo Kastro and Profitis Ilias of Mesa Kastro and continue on foot on the traditional trails signposted with arrows. You can also go on foot from the northern exit of Chorio.

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