Kos 1. Kamari – Agios Ioannis Theologos

Follow the main road starting from the port of Kamari and after walking past the taverna “Faros” turn left at the point where the road starts getting uphill. The trail is parallel to the ravine valley and passes through a landscape with lush vegetation and impressive geological formations until it disappears after a while upon reaching the fields. From that point on you will have to climb uphill having no specified route. After passing by some stone walls you will find the trail once again that turns into a dirt road leading to Panagia Palatiani.

Leave Panagia Palatiani behind and head for the main road. Just before you reach the asphalt concrete road turn left and follow the dirt road until you pass by two farmhouses and come across a fence with a gate to your right. Behind it you’ll find the ruins of the ancient temples of Demeter and Asclepius as well as an amphitheater dating from the Hellenistic period, all remnants of the ancient capital of the island. Then you will reach the main asphalt concrete road. After following it for about 100 meters, take the dirt road to your right and enjoy the view of a landscape filled with undergrowth. Turn left at the next crossroads and keep walking until you come across a secluded house to your right. The starting point of another dirt road heading downhill is opposite the house. This one is filled with consecutive curves passing through olive groves and ending up at an arable field. Follow the trail starting at the lower end of the field and it will lead you to a dirt road. Turn left and follow the dirt road (or right if you wanna discover a nice picnic spot with waters running and a great view).

The dirt road will take you to the main asphalt concrete road. Turn right and head downhill until you reach the chapel of Agia Anastasia. A trail leading up the hill starts on the opposite side of the road. Follow it uphill and then downhill until you reach a valley filled with arable fields. You’ll come across another dirt road that you should follow. At the next crossroads turn right and head for the Kata beach where you’ll see impressive formations. Walk along the rocks next to the shore heading south and it won’t be long before you come across the church of Agios Ioannis Theologos and the beach that has the same name.

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