Kos 4. At the top of Mount Dikaios

The trail begins at Zia, more specifically at the right side of the bus parking lot. After leaving the village with its gift shops behind, you will pass by a watermill and a taverna and turn right at the two next crossroads. Then you will come across a sign illustrating the route towards the top of the mountain (using blue markers). A few meters down the road you will turn right and follow a sandy trail with pine trees on either side of it. Pass the church and after walking 50 more meters turn left and follow the path, which is parallel to the church’s fence, uphill towards the mountain. The terrain is mostly sandy. As you climb up the hill you’ll pass by two farmhouses. Walk 200 more meters after passing the second farmhouse and you will come across a red arrow at the beginning of the route through the trees. There is a road to your left leading to a lower mountaintop a few steps ahead. Follow the red markers and the arrows to reach the top of the mountain where you’ll find the chapel of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

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