Kos 5. Zia – Asclepeion

Take the main road of Zia, where the gift shops are located, pass by the taverna “Avli” and follow it till you reach the bus parking lot outside the village. Turn right at that point and follow the wide dirt road heading downhill. After walking 150 meters you will enter the forest. Walk through the forest until you see a stone bridge to your left. This is where the trail leading to the abandoned settlement of Asomatos at Asfendi starts. Some of the houses of the settlement have been recently renovated. The steps at the left side of the church of Agios Georgios will lead you to a dirt road. Follow that road and enjoy the view of olive groves and the sea. Choose the uphill road at the next crossroads and about 8 minutes later you will come across a path leading down the hill (marked in red). This path will take you to another abandoned settlement and to the church of Agios Dimitrios. If you climb uphill following the dirt road at the right side of the church, you will get to the main road, next to another church. Follow the main asphalt concrete road until you reach the Asclepeion.

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