Kos Kefalos Castle

A part of the walls of the castle (25m) is still standing at the top of a rocky hill in the south of the Kefalos settlement. In 1457, the Ottoman Turks managed to conquer the Nerantzia Castle, but couldn’t conquer the Antimachia Castle and this one since they had better fortifications. The “Fortezza di Chiffalo” as the Knights Hospitaller called it, managed to resist the attacks until 1505. Facing the danger of a new attack from the Ottoman Turks, the castle was evacuated and its residents were transported to Rhodes. Only some ruins remain from Kastelli, the smaller “sibling” fortress of the Kefalos Castle that is situated at another inaccessible location not far from it in the Sarakinos area. There used to be a byzantine watchtower at the same position that served as a lookout over the seaway towards Nisyros and the Karpathian sea before the Knights Hospitaller turned it into a fortress in the 15th century.

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