Kos Peripatos Castle

The square-shaped fountain at the middle of the Neo Pyli settlement provides water for the village through six spouts, that is then channeled both to the surrounding fields via irrigation ditches and to Kardamena. The only thing still left standing from the medieval Peripatos Castle are three rectangular derelict buildings in a row and some remnants of other stone structures, all situated at the eastern bank of a stream running through the area. This fortress was first mentioned in byzantine manuscripts dating back to 1093. Saint Christodoulos Latrinos claimed that it belonged to the Monastery of Panagia Kastrianon. The castle is also mentioned as a fortified settlement in the archives of the Knights Hospitaller (15th century).

Nothing gives away its former dominant position today, except for the aforementioned ruins that had flat roofs, but vaulted ceilings. The southern building with its raised entrance and stone steps is the only one that still retains its gothic pointed vault.

This is an ideal place for studying and connecting with the past, as it seems that the main part of the castle is or was located under the houses comprising the parish of Agios Nikolaos today.

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