Koyfonisia Agios Georgios at Pano Koufonissi

It is considered a representative sample of the folk Cycladic church construction in Chora. This is a double-aisled church with a hexagonal drum at its white blue dome and a double-deck/bilobed bell tower. It is worth noticing the columns at its threshold as well as the portable icon of the saint that actually constitutes the most significant worship in the island.

The festivals that are organised on 23rd April (or Easter Monday, when the above mentioned date coincides with the Great Lent) are rather traditional and quaint.

After the Divine Liturgy, the procession of the icon takes place at the southern route with the boats sailing along and escorting it from the seaside. Head of the procession is the portable icon of the saint that the “panigiras” – an islander who has vowed to Agios Georgios and that is a different person each year – holds in his hands. Those who are standing and waiting to meet the icon, usually throw rose-leaves at its passage. When the procession returns to Chora, a traditional feast follows during which boiled meat, potatoes, tripe soup with vinegar and plenty of wine are offered to everyone free of charge.

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