Koyfonisia Chora

Koyfonisia - Chora

Its windmill welcomes all ships that approach the central port, which has grown in size in the past few years. Its old houses, most of them standing out for their whitewashed walls and blue windows, are gathered around the church of Agios Georgios. They usually consist of three rooms; the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. Their traditional roof that is called «steosa» is made of ‘fida’ (Juniperus phoenicea) joists or reeds, pressed and held down puddle soil and it is covered with thick layers of limestone paste.

Today, Chora is estimated to have been built on top of the most ancient settlement which stretched over the inlet of Loutra during the Roman period. Various early Christian remains, marble parapets and clutches can be identified in the churches of Agios Georigios and Agios Nicolaos.


At Chora you can find hotels, rooms to rent and restaurants. You can also find accommodation and taverns in some beaches of Pano Koufonissi.

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