Koyfonisia Chora-Pori (Pano Koufonissi)

You can move from Chora heading east and leaving the settlement behind you. Following the dirt road, you can walk past the pebbled beach of Hondros Kavos and after a 15′ walk you can finally reach the beach of Harokopos. While leaving the camping site behind you, you arrive at the beach of Fanos within 5′. Starting from its end you can follow the path that moves uphill to reach the seashore of Platia Pounta after nearly half a kilometre. From here onwards the most interesting part of the route starts, towards the next and most remote beach of the island, that is Pori. Along its entire longitude, the corrosive power of the water is so intense that it seems to use the island’s rocks as a painting canvas. In less than a 5′ walk, you may come across Pisina on your bottom right and straight after that you can see even more caves as well as riddled versions of rocks, such as the “Devil’s Eye” with the sustained sound of the water that enters and exits the underwater cave. A path, that is 300m long, starting from the point where the closed petal-like Pori beach ends, leads further south to another interesting geological shape called “Gala” which is a natural hole of white sediment. From Pori you can walk back either following the same route or the asphalt road that crosses the island’s inland.

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