Koyfonisia Kato Koufonissi

It stretches over 4.4 km2. There used to be an organised settlement of livestock farmers from the island of Amorgos, as Kato Koufonissi was a metochi of the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa which used it in order to breed its livestock. However, it was gradually deserted. One of the most important places to visit is the chapel of Panagia in the pier that is built on top of the ancient ruins. On 15th August, when the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated, the inhabitants of Pano Koufonissi arrive here on their vessels in order to attend the formal Divine Liturgy and the traditional feast that follows. On their way back to Pano Koufonissi speed races are (occassionally) organised among the vessels and the one that reaches Chora’ s port first is the winner. In this island you may come across 15 buildings, fish houses and tourist resorts. There is, also, a tavern that is rather popular at the Aegean Sea and is open from May until September. There are sandy beaches where various vessels disembark carrying visitors from Pano Koufonissi. Υou may come across shepherds, as there are sheep and goat flocks that live here. Further north from Panagia, archaeological excavations have brought into light various findings from the early phase of the Cycladic Civilisation, such as a protocycladic cemetery as well as traces of buildings dating back to 3,000 years B.C. Due to its unaltered natural beauty the island can offer you exciting tours.

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