Kythnos Ancient Port of Mandraki

Ancient port facilities lie on the seabed of the small harbor of Mandraki that is located northwest of Episkopi. An over 100m long breakwater made of boulders is discernible at the bottom of the sea. The stone blocks surrounding it attest to the presence of an ancient dock. The entire structure protected the ancient harbor against south and southwest winds, namely the only ones that posed a threat. Ruins of a breakwater in the strait between the rocky coast and a nearby islet indicate that the harbor was closed and probably fortified at that point. A strong defensive wall, parallel to the current coast was discovered at the innermost point of the cove, at a depth of 2.5m. In 2008, underwater excavations brought to light significant marble statues of the Roman period. The torso of a warrior wearing a breastplate that dates back to the 1st century BC and three Hermaic columns were among the findings. The area is accessible through an easy dirt road that intersects the road connecting Chora to Merihas. Make sure you bring along a diving mask.

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