Kythnos Boat Exploring

The fragmentation of the coastline of Kythnos makes sailing around the island a wonderful experience. You will see beautiful landscapes and even discover new and unseen ones. You will also swim in the turquoise waters of pristine beaches and find fishing grounds with plenty of fish.

You should pay a visit to the cave with the stalactites (but beware of the rocks around it). You can admire the wild landscape at the promontory of Kefalos with the lighthouse but beware of the nearby reef. Make sure you don’t miss the strange rock formations at Moutsounes, south of the beach of Styfo.

The marina of Merihas, the main port of Kythnos on the western side of the island, is suitable for docking, refueling and getting water supplies. The port is protected against the etesians.

The marina of Loutra is located on the northeastern part of the island. It is protected against the etesians and offers certain amenities.

Other anchorages. You can moor off shore at the leeward cove of Agios Stefanos. Fykiada is very well protected against the etesians and the south winds. Kolona is a very good anchorage, also protected against the etesians and the south winds, as is the case with Apokrousi, whose seabed is filled with algae. The cove of Panagia Kanala is open to the southeast winds and it is not really protected against the etesians.

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