Kythnos Chora or Kythnos Town

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The Chora, which is also called Mesaria, is perched along a mound and has been inhabited since the 17th century. Meandering stone alleys, small squares, the vaulted «stegadia» (covered passages), churches and windmills among white houses with flat or tile roofs create an enchanting maze where life never stops moving forward at a relaxing pace.

You should pay a visit to the church of Agios Savas that was built in 1613. It bears the coat of arms of the Gozzadini family, i.e. a family of Venetian feudal lords. The church of the Transfiguration of Jesus, whose iconostasis was created by the famed Cretan Skordilis family of icon painters in the 17th century, is also worth visiting. So is the single-naved basilica of Agia Triada, which is the oldest church in Chora. A fenced outdoor space, where a Christian church used to stand, now contains archaeological findings from various excavations on the island.

There are a few small taverns, coffee shops, bars and shops in Chora. Most of them are located on the main cobblestone street of the capital.


There are signs leading the way to the Monastery of Panagia Nikous, which is located about 1km away from Chora.

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