Kythnos Panagia tou Nikous

This monastery is located east of Chora. You can reach it either by car or via a trail less than 1km long.

The name of the monastery comes from the word “Nikopoios” (Victory-maker), which was a Byzantine way of address for the Virgin Mary. The monastery was built on the ruins of an ancient temple. It is surrounded by a whitewashed wall and contains ancillary buildings (the monks’ cells and a refectory), as well.

It was the educational centre of the island, where great teachers such as Parthenios Koulouris and Makarios Filippaios gave lessons, until 1833. Graduates of that school continued their studies at the University of Athens that had just been founded back then and became brilliant scientists. The main church has two domes; one over the narthex and one over the nave. It is a wonderful example of distinctive Aegean post-Byzantine architecture.


The celebrations of the monastery are held every year on August 15. A customary meal of stuffed tomatoes is served at the refectory the previous evening, while boiled meat is served after the liturgy on the celebration day.

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