Leipsoi Festivals and Costums

– A brilliant celebration in Leipsoi is the Epiphany (6th January), when they throw a cross in the sea for the sanctification of the water.

– On Maundy Thursday the locals visit even the most remote chapels of the island, in order to light their candles.

– A popular festival is the one of Genesios Agios Ioannis (Thermastis) on 24th June. Male residents of Chora set great fires and women bring to the central square the so-called “unspoken water”. There follows a feast with traditional music and dancing.

– The greatest religious celebration of the island begins on the Eve of Novena Virgin, on 22nd August, at Panagia tou Charou, and culminates on the very day of the celebration with a marvelous traditional feast.

– Lots of events, artistic events etc, with a great participation, take place in Leipsoi on the occasion of the Wine festival on 10th August. It is a cultural institution associated with the great wine tradition of the place.

– Other cultural and artistic events are organized by various local bodies, like the Municipality, the Scouts of Greece, the Philharmonic Orchestra and Associations of traditional dances.

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