Leipsoi Paths

Any spot in Leipsoi is no more than 5km away from Chora. Therefore, it is a place recommended both for trekking and mountain biking. You may choose any type of tour, but do not forget to wear a hat for the sun (since the natural shades are very few) and carry a bottle of water. Out of the many paths crossing the main insular body of Leipsoi two are generally accepted as most beautiful: The one is the path stretching 900m and linking the church of Kimisi tis Theotokou in a green scenery in the homonymous beach (Kato Kimisi) to the respective temple of Ano Kimisi. The route path is all made of local stone and lasts about 15΄. The other one of particular interest for the nature lovers begins from Chora and leads to the east to end after 3.5km in the exotic beaches of Tourkomnima and Monodendri, ideal for isolation.

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