Leipsoi The Chora of Leipsoi

Leipsoi - The Chora of Leipsoi Leipsoi - The Chora of Leipsoi Leipsoi - The Chora of Leipsoi

It is amphitheatrically expanded around the harbor, ascending to the nearest hill. The abandoned windmill of Aravis stands out at the highest spot. The houses of the settlement are distributed in small and larger quarters. It is impressive how the houses are structured in the middle, with the high ceilings, the blue windows and the whitewashed streets that sooner or later lead to the central square named after the founding member of Filiki Eteria, Emmanouil Xanthos. Near the square stand the Town Hall, the Post office and some other buildings constructed at the time when the island was an Italian colony. It should be noted that at the suburbs of Chora there is a whole Italian quarter, since most of the houses there are resorts that have been recently built or bought mainly by Italians who loved the island.

In an open area above the harbor, there lies the metropolitan temple of Leipsoi. It stands out thanks to the two bell towers and the light blue dome. It is dedicated to Agios Ioannis Theologos and was built with chipped stone upon fundraising by the people who migrated from Leipsoi to America. The icon of Panagia Mavri is found in the temple. One can also find the lending library “Odysseas Elytis” which operates under the supervision of UNESCO. It is advisable that you come here early in the morning, buy fresh fish from the boats at great prices and then at noon and early in the evening, enjoy a meal or a dinner in the picturesque taverns and ouzeri.

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