Leros Festivals and Customs

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Every summer, interesting cultural events and religious celebrations, in which a number of people participate, take place in Platanos, Lakki and Xirokambos as well as in other parts of the island.


17th July: There is the celebration of Agia Marina that is dedicated to the patron saint of the island’s capital.

25th July: There is the celebration of Alonaris on the beach of Gourna. It involves a representation of the traditional threshing. Moreover, traditional snacks are being offered for free and there is a local traditional dancing festival.

15thAugust: There is the festival of Panagia tou Kastrou in Platanos.

27th August: There is the festival of Agios Fanourios, as well as the Wine Festival in Xirokambos. The holy celebration coincides with the “Wine Festival/Festival of Ambelourgos”, where there is a big feast with plenty of wine, traditional music and dancing. You can also watch a representation of the traditional vine harvest.

Celebration of Drimonas

In August, on the homonymous beach, there is the feast of the local island cuisine in which there is tasting of traditional dishes and wines. This celebration also involves traditional music and local dances.

Celebration of Trata-Psara

In September, the great celebration of fishermen takes place in Pandeli. There, you can find fresh grilled fish.

Carnival in Lakki

The last Sunday of the Carnival, on the beach of the settlement Lakki, there is a parade of people in disguise.


These are swimming, diving, rowing and sailing races that take place during the first ten days of August in the homonymous cove.

Memorial and Democracy Days

They are events that take place in September and they are dedicated to the exiled people of the period 1967-74.

* Source: www.leros.gr

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