Leros Lakki-Xirokambos

You can start from Lakki and head towards Temenia with the PPC facilities. Then, move to the south and always have on your right the cove of Lepides. Then, you will see the imposing complex of the Psychiatric Hospital, which was initially built in order to shelter the Rosseti hydroplanes base. One of the tow trucks that used to move the hydroplanes out of the sea is still alive. Leave the gate and continue towards Xirokambos. Then, you will find the settlement Sfakia. The asphalt road on your left leads to the mound Tsigkounas, where there are still the military barracks of the battery 113. Immediately after the chapel of Agios Vlasis and the first houses of Xirokambos, there is a sign showing to the direction for Paleokastro. If you go up there, you will see the cyclopean wall, as well as the arched chapel of Panagia. After this detour, continue towards the centre of Xirokambos. Soon, you will reach the church of the village, i.e. the church of Agios Fanourios. There is another path starting from this spot ascending towards the mountain Skoumbarda with the breathtaking sea view. As you go downhill from Xirokambos towards the beach, the road continues to Diapori and the power station FT3. There is an asphalt road up to the church of Panagia Kavouradena. Duration without stop: 2 hours.

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