Leros Pandeli Castle

Leros - Pandeli Castle

It is located on the top of the hill Apitiki, above the settlement of Platanos with a view to the coves of Agia Marina and Pandeli. It is also known as castle of Panagia. You can discern its three precincts, five Christian temples and other scattered residences. The internal precinct on the highest part of the hill dates back to the middle Byzantine period, something that is also confirmed by the saved imperial Golden Bulls. In the second precinct, lower, the scanty ruins show that this specific place was basically used for the defense of the town and not as a permanent residence. The third and biggest external precinct was reinforced by the Knights of Saint John in the 15th century. Their leaders’ coats of arms as well as the powerful bastions that are still preserved on its west part show their agonized effort to defend their property by the Ottoman enemy.

You can get to the castle either by car via the asphalt road that ascends from Pandeli or on foot if you follow approximately 500 steps down from the settlement of Platanos (see Activities).


The most important churches situated in the archaeological site are the Panagia tou Kastrou (in the northwest part of the external precinct), the single-roomed church of Agia Triada with the frescos of the 15th century, the church of Agios Nikolaos and a small unidentified medieval temple, which was recently dedicated to the Unknown Christian Martyr by the local Metropolis.

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