Milos Adamantas

Milos - Adamantas Milos - Adamantas

The bustling and touristically developed port of Milos is one of the safest ports in the Cyclades, as the bay where it is located is very narrow. In the past it was called Alamanto. It was founded by Cretan refugees from Sfakia who reached the area in order to be saved from the Turks during the unsuccessful revolutions of the 19th century. The foundation of the settlement dates back to 1824 and it was initially called Panagia from Panagia Theofani, a church that was purchased by the Cretans in 1839. In 1870 they built the church of Kimisis tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin Mary -or else Agios Charalambos) in Adamantas where they put the icon of Panagia Portiani which they brought from Zefyria. Adamantas showed great development and it became the base of the English and the French fleets of the Aegean during World War I.

Today it constitutes the centre of nightlife on the island, since it has many cafés and bars. There are also banks, public services, commercial shops, restaurants, hotels and rooms to let.

Two beaches nearby are Papikinou and Lagada. On the way to Papikinou there are a lot of cafés and restaurants that put their tables beside the sea.

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