Milos Architecture

Milos - Architecture

Built on 220m, on a flat terrain after which it took its name, Plaka has typical Cycladic architecture. Its defensive layout is preserved until today, with the narrow alleys and the houses built one next to the other. The ruins of the Venetian castle of the 13th century dominate on the top.

A special characteristic of the architecture in Milos is the fishing coastal settlements with the “syrmata” (shipsheds), the single-room buildings where the boats are kept. They are found in small coves, dug into the volcanic rock or the cavities of the rocks and they constitute unique architectural complexes which become even prettier due to the bright colours with which the doors are painted. Such type of traditional settlements are Klima, Mandrakia, Emporio and Fyropotamos. In recent years the “syrmata” acquired a second floor, mainly in Klima, and they are used as residences for the locals, or the vacationers during the summer.

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