Milos Klima

The small, highly photographed settlement is located below Trypiti and the ruins of ancient Milos. It is a set of multicoloured “syrmata”, rooms dug into the soft rock of Milos, which were –and still are– used to keep the boats in the winter. Since the middle 20th century they were also used as residences.

The “syrmata” in Klima are about 35 and they are still inhabited in the summer. Above the place where they keep the boats there is one more floor in order for the owners to stay with their families and their relatives (some of these rooms can actually be rented).

If you come in the summer, you will enjoy the special atmosphere of Klima, as the people here live by the pier as a big company of friends, they play backgammon, they clean up their octapuses, they eat and they chat enjoying the sunsets.

In Klima there was the port of ancient Milos and there are still remains of the Roman pier.

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