Milos Milos Natura area

There are two cores in the area of western Milos integrated in the Network NATURA 2000. The one is southwestern coastal Milos, which constitutes a biotope for the Mediterranean monk seal. The other one covers the rest of the island’s western area, as a biotope of the red viper of Milos. Achivadolimni (or Chivadolimni (Clam lake), because it was once full of clams), the biggest natural wetland in the Cyclades and an important station for migratory birds (there are swans and flamingos), belongs to the NATURA area. In addition, the cypress forest with their horizontal branches, which is a rare biotope with perennial trees, lies in that area.

In western Milos there are many plants and herbs, wild flowers and protected birds –such as Eleonora’s falcon, a rare migratory falcon.

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