Milos The ancient Roman theatre

Milos - The ancient Roman theatre

It is located in a wonderful location, right above Klima and below the settlement of Trypiti overlooking the sea. The ancient town of Milos is found in the area. Wall ruins of the 4th century BC and the Gymnasium, which was built above the Stadium, were found. The ancient Market was found in the location of Tris Eklisies (Three Churches), where an early-Christian baptistery is located as well. The most important and the most well-preserved monument of the ancient town is the theatre which was excavated by the Bavarian architect Carl Haller von Hallerstein in 1817. It was built in the Hellenistic era and it was reconstructed in the Roman era. Today the Roman phase is visible. 7 tiers (of about 700 spectators capacity) and 6 stairways are preserved along with many remains from the stage and relief marbles of great art.

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