Milos Trypiti- Catacombs-ancient theatre -Profitis Ilias- Baptistery-Black Wall- Afrodite of Milos

Reaching the village of Trypiti you go uphill to see the windmills and the amazing view over the sea. Then you descent towards the Catacombs and after you visit them, climbing up the stairs, you will see a path on your left. You take it leading you to the ancient Roman theatre. From there you walk on the path on the right and after you go above the thatre you turn left in the alley. Shortly you will reach the location Tris Ekklisies (Three Churches) where the Baptistery is located and you will follow a trail towards the chapel of Profitis Ilias which can be seen on a low hill. You will pass through a field and you will climb about 50 stair landings which will lead you to the chapel from where the view is impressive. You return through the same road and you continue straight from the Baptistery until you meet the sign which informs about the spot where Afrodite of Milos was discovered.

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