Milos Zefyria

After the 14th century the capital of Milos was transferred from the castle, where it was located at the beginning of the Venetian occupation, to the centre of the island, in Zefyria, with the fertile plain. The new capital, Chora, flourished specifically in the 17th and the 18th century, as it was there that the merchants settled as they were dealing with the purchase and sale of the booty which the pirates used to bring to Milos, or they provided the pirate ships with provisions, thus creating a very profitable market that used to bring wealth to Milos. There was also the Catholic main church of Agii Kosmas and Damianos here.

After the settlement of the Turks in Milos the piracy was gradually elliminated. Chora was abandoned after the 18th and mainly in the 19th century, since the release of fumes, due to geological phaenomena, harmed the health of the residents. The Milians returned to the castle and created the settlements around it.

Today two very interesting monuments are preserved in Zefyria: Panagia Portiani and the church of Christos (Christ).

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