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Mykonos - Architecture Mykonos - Architecture

The preserved settlement of Chora in Mykonos is one of the most beautiful in insular Greece. It is flat thus distinguishing it from the amphitheatrically built Choras of other Cycladic islands. From afar Chora looks like a compact white mass with winding streets. The aesthetic coherence remains, although, throughout at least five centuries, new buildings and sets of buildings were constantly being created. In the alleys the ‘pezoules’, the terraces, the stairs, the flowerpots and the regular whitewashing of the streets, make the public spaces look like familiar indoor rooms. Another characteristic of Mykonos, the symbol of Chora, is the windmills.

In the countryside, apart from the villas that have been recently built, the numerous chapels with the characteristic red roofs stand out, as well as the so-called “horia” as the autonomous rural units are called highlighting the beauty of the landscape. They seem like a natural extention of the landscape, just like the dry stone-walls. They were often built upon the smooth granite rocks, or leaned upon them. Some of the most beautiful ‘horia’ are located in Lino area and Chalara, east of the airport. In the past, the island was scattered with towers, ruins of which are still preserved today, as well as old wells.

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