Mykonos Churches in Chora

Mykonos - Churches in Chora

You will come across a church almost every step of your way in Chora, since the Mykonians have built more than 60 churches inside an area of one square kilometer! Most of them date back to the 17th and 18th century and quite a few have been designated listed historical monuments by the Ministry of Culture.

Agia Eleni, which was the island’s Cathedral until 1878, is also notable. The church of Agios Dimitrios stands next to it. It was built using ancient marble parts and it is considered the oldest church of the castle. Agia Moni is also one of the oldest churches. A bit further down the road, you will find the chapel of Agia Sotira. The church of Zoodochos Pigi (or Megali Panagia), at the square of Alefkandra, is the current Cathedral of Mykonos. According to the legend, the icon of the Virgin Mary was found inside a well (‘pigadi’) and that is why the church is also called Panagia Pigadiotissa.

Agios Nikolaos (also called Kadena) is the church that stands out at the port. In the past, an arch bridge connected the Chancellery building (current Town Hall) with this church which was built on an islet. The church is believed to have been built before 1700.

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