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Mykonos is ideal for those who love diving. There are diving centers and stores that can provide you with diving equipment on the island. The most ideal months for diving are September and June, as the waters are warmer and the visibility of the seabed is higher then. Another reason is that there are not so many boats at sea during these months.

The seabed of Mykonos and of its surrounding rocky islets is impressive. It is filled with small and big fish, large rocks, reefs, shoals, broken slabs and seaweed. There are also quite a few shipwrecks on the seabed, such as the shipwrecks of the ship “Peloponnisos” (which sunk in 1930) and of the cement-carrying ship “Anna II” (which sunk in 1995) 30 to 35m underwater.

The seabed around the rocky islets of Prassonisia, Tragonisi (with the wonderful sea caves) and Htapodia, where you can also try wall diving, is quite interesting, as well.

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