Mykonos The granite rocks of Mykonos

Mykonos - The granite rocks of Mykonos

* There are circular granite rocks, with a diameter of 1-3m in the area of Ai Giorgis Spilianos, west of Chora. The rocks look as if they were hurled by giants. The impressive landscape brings to mind the Titanomachy myth, according to which the untamed Titans, who were the sons of Gaia, rebelled against the Olympian Gods and they were eventually killed by them with the aid of a mortal man, Hercules. He confronted the last of the Titans on Mykonos, where he also buried them under giant rocks. However, the cause of this impressive landscape is probably the rock tectonism in combination with atmospheric factors.

* Source: Atlas of the geological monuments of the Aegean/Publication of the Ministry of the Aegean, 2002,

You will find more information on the subject on the website of the Municipality of Mykonos under the section Geo-natural characteristics.

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