Mykonos The Pelicans

A pelican fell next to a Mykonian caïque during a storm in 1958. A fisherman took care of it and brought it to the port where all the fishermen gathered to feed it and named it Petros. In the next 30 years, Petros, the pelican, managed to become the main attraction of Chora and the symbol of the island! When Jackie Onassis came to the island on vacation in the ‘60s, she brought a female pelican that the fishermen named Irini along with her. Petros was killed by a car in 1986. A few years later, the zoo of Hamburg donated another pelican to the island, which was once again named Petros by the Mykonians. Another pelican called Nikolas arrived to the island in1995. There are still many pelicans in Chora today… posing undisturbed for the visitors to take pictures of them.

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